{BLOG] Adoptions in Shelters: Why you need to speak about dental diseases (Part I)

Big Data studies showed that 91% of dogs & 85% of cats over the age of 3 were diagnosed with some sort of dental disease.

The very principle of oral hygiene is based on the control of dental plaque accumulation.

Tooth brushing remains THE gold standard when it comes to dental diseases’ prevention. In humans, an efficacy of the order of 70% inhibition of dental plaque can be asserted. Studies in Beagles have shown that brushing at least 3 times a week helps maintain healthy gingiva, while brushing once a week does not. Ideally, dogs’ teeth should be brushed daily. 


When you tell them that, many people will stare at you : «  Come on, seriously ? Tooth-brushing my dog ! No way he will ever let me ! » However, if you browse on several veterinary Youtube channels, you will come across many how-to videos showing you how to tooth-brush your dog... and it is not that difficult ! My point here is : it can be done, it’s just a matter of motivation.


Check this how-to video here


If think it is important for the adopters to hear it upfront. Dental disorders can become a problem for their pet’s health. And it can totally be prevented, if they are willing t to take preventive action !


BTW, the same goes… for cat ! I must admit I always thought it was somehow a dangerous attempt to try to tooth brush a cat… but I was proven wrong since then !


Check this blog on dental care in cats 


I recently came across a great say re: this matter : "Patience and motivation are often keys to surprising prophylactic results ». That is a key message you want to tell your adopters !


Practical tip : tooth-brushing pets is great, but do not use human toothpaste. This one is toxic for our pets and it is important to use a veterinary approved one to avoid any problem.  


That’s all for today, Part II is on its way ! Meanwhile, tell us about your experience (good or bad) when implementing tooth-brushing in dogs or cats. 

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