[BLOG] Adoptions in Shelters: Why you need to speak about dental diseases (Part II)

In our previous blog (in case you missed it, you can read it here), we started discussing the importance of dental health in pets and why this is something you should always mention during the adoption process.


We discussed how important tooth-brushing is when it comes to prevention.


And there is something else you need to consider : nutrition !


Remember, what we want is to prevent dental plaque accumulation. And here, nutrition can help. 


When it comes to dry food, shape and texture of kibbles in certain diets are designed for particular size or breed of dogs to contribute to passive tooth brushing mechanism. To scrape the surface of the tooth when the dog eats, the dog must chew so that the tooth penetrates the kibble deeply before the kibble breaks.


Moreover, active agents against dental plaque can be incorporated into a kibble and are then released in the oral environment during mastication, like STPP (sodium tri polyphosphates). They will bind with calcium in the oral cavity, which therefore will limit its availability to develop tartar.


That’s all for today, I will publish Part III very soon !

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