[BLOG] No Guts, No Glory Part 2 – The Whole Animal Movement to help Support the Planet

Written by Jessica Danelon, MSc


The fact is, not using the whole meat animal after it has been slaughtered is wasteful. With a hungry human population (let alone the pet population) that’s growing exponentially, coupled with declining rates of farming and space for farming, we aren’t doing ourselves any favours by being squeamish about “by-products” or “offal”. It’s not just the chicken breast or the pork chop that is nutritious, fresh, clean and tasty.

The rest of the animal (the “whole” animal) is just as, if not more valuable nutritionally. Be a part of the “Whole Animal Movement” and start being responsible with the precious and dwindling food resources we have. Be willing to use more than just the muscle meat of the animal (for your diet and that of your pet). Check out Chef Chris who has adopted a similar philosophy to the Whole Animal Movement. If you feel like being adventurous (and ecologically responsible), maybe try some of his offal recipes? http://www.offalgood.com/ 


On a personal note, my mother and her family are from the island nation of Malta. My Nanna (my mother’s mother) regularly prepared rabbit stew for our Sunday dinner…a typical Maltese dish and a family favourite. The memories are pleasantly rushing back to me. Here’s a recipe (with video) that seems similar to the one my Nanna used to make….liver, kidneys and all. Enjoy ! http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipe/114/Rabbit-stew-stuffat-tal-fenek 


Thanks for reading. What do you think?

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