Dear readers,

It is that time of the year ! For a bit, the world seems to run at a quieter pace, like it wants to take a well-deserved break during these last two weeks of 2014. I have no doubts you guys all had a very busy year… and I also know that, when you work with dogs, cats - or both (!)- , always « easier said than done » to slow down things. Taking care of our furry friends is a lot of work that cannot simply be paused during the holiday season, isn’t it? 

This is definitely a full-time job, that requires a lot of passion and effort. I admire you guys for that, and consider myself lucky: working with such passionate people everyday is definitely a bonus ! 

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a great holiday season. I hope you will have the opportunity to spend these very special moments with family and friends and that they will be full of laughs and happiness ! No doubt they will be well-deserved !  

So take a deep breath and dive enthusiastically in this festive period ! And get ready for 2015 ! Whether it is online or in person, we’ll definitely meet !   

Happy holidays everyone !

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