Our 1st PRO Webinar for our shelter partners on Wed Sept 17th!

Nutrition in animal shelters: practical tips to make their life better

That’s a fact: shelters are challenging environments. If you work or volunteer in such structures, I’m sure you already know it too well: you do need to be passionate! Multiple threats are indeed around the corner, and in order to prevent them, several factors need to be considered. Medical treatments and sanitation are often the first things that come to mind. However, did you know that nutrition can play a role as well?


This 1-hour webinar will discuss frequently-encountered situations in shelters, in which appropriate nutrition can be of great help. You’ll learn that, whether you’re dealing with a newborn kitten/puppy or an adult pet, there are sometimes very simple things diet-related you guys can do to make their life better. 


To register online, click on the following link:

 Eastern Canada session Wed Sept 17th 7pm ET

 Western Canada session Wed Sept 17th 9pm ET

For more information, feel free to contact your local Royal Canin Rep 


The more the merrier! And the more interesting the discussion can get ! So don't hesitate ! Share this invite on social networks and with your friends who might be interested in! Also, stay connected with us on your favorite social network: best thing to do so you'll never miss any learning opportunity!

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